15 Jobs That are Absolutely Essential


There are at least 15 jobs that are absolutely essential and can’t be eliminated or replaced. Some people don’t think that way though.



Believe it or not, this is an absolutely essential job. On top of taking payments for goods and services, cashiers can perform many other skills that keep customers happy.



There’s always a huge debate on the horizon about teachers. It is an essential job, but it’s also one that can be, in some regards, taken on by anyone with expertise in a subject.

Postal Clerk


The post office is more important than people realize since correspondence between individuals is vital for knowing what’s going on in the world. Things have changed over the years, but the mail is still an important part of societal communication.

Bus Driver


From school buses to city buses, these people are responsible for a lot of individuals and getting them to where they need to go. It’s an absolutely essential job since they don’t just drive, they have to be sure of their routes, they need to know the layout of the city, and be up on day-to-day news as it pertains to their route.



It should go without saying that this job is absolutely essential. Without paramedics, a lot of people would be in a great deal of trouble after getting hurt.

Manufacturing Technician


Producing goods is highly important to society and has been for longer than most people remember. A technician can use factory equipment, make sure the goods are of exceptional quality, and much more.



In this day and age, these individuals are worth quite a bit. They work on, maintain, and repair various power lines and other utilities that are necessary for civilization to function.

Restaurant Manager


Someone has to be at the top of the hierarchy in an eatery, and a manager is someone who knows what’s going on. They monitor their workers, make sure the eatery has enough supplies, and a lot more.

Water Treatment Specialist


You like clean water, right? It tastes a lot better than foul and brackish water, thanks to treatment specialists who know how to filter and purify water.

Police Officer

Happy police, team and arms crossed in confidence for city protection, law enforcement or crime. Portrait of man and woman officer standing ready for justice, security or teamwork in an urban town

Without the cops, chaos would ensue in a lot of neighborhoods across the nation. Law and order do have a big role in society.



The next step from a paramedic, kind of, a nurse is someone who will always be needed. They’re not quite as specialized as a doctor, but they’re every bit as valuable.

Truck Driver


You know all those goods you see in the supermarket and other stores? Thank a truck driver for that when you get the chance.



Do you like clean teeth and the ability to take care of cavities and such? A dentist is the type of individual who studies long and hard to take care of the teeth of others.

Plant Manager


In just about every business there’s a need for someone who’s situated at the top. Having someone who oversees everything is important to keep businesses running.



A medical doctor will always be invaluable to any society. They study for years to make certain they can care for others, and many of them are quite good at what they do.


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