5 Simple Job Interview Tips That Can Make Or Break Your Chances

job interview tips

We spend so much time focused on our resumes and what to wear to a job interview that many of us fail to remember some of the most important interview tips around. It’s all right; we all make mistakes and no one is perfect. Most prospective employers are well aware of this, but that doesn’t mean you can overlook the very essential tips that can make or break an interview at any point in the game especially if you want to be part of career paths like react service. We have a few you might not have considered in the past, and we promise these tips are going to make you says, “Oh, yes!” and ace your next job interview.

Don’t over-explain your last job departure

It is inevitable that at least one interviewer is going to ask why you left your last job. Instead of explaining the fact that your former boss is a jerk, say only nice things about the company and keep it short and sweet. Too much explanation makes it seem as if you have something to hide at best, or that you are not telling the truth at all.

Don’t focus on what you want

Sure, you want to know the salary, the benefits and all the other things that will work to your advantage when you get this job. However, if you make it all about you and fail to ask what they are looking for from you in the job, you’re not doing yourself any favors.


It’s all right to be nervous, but you have to smile. Smile and be friendly, open and warm. Laugh at their jokes, show that you are friendly and be engaging. Do not just answer questions; ask questions of your own. Show them that you are witty and engaging, and you have a much better shot at the job.

Be confident

You just have to fake it until you make it, friends. Even when you walk into a room and feel obsolete and insignificant in comparison to the people you are speaking to (and that’s just you, friend, not what everyone is thinking), you have to fake confidence and act as if you belong here. If you show weakness, people are less likely to hire you.

Dress Sharp

Dress appropriately for the job interview. In fact, be better dressed than the person that is interviewing you. It will make a great first impression, and it will demonstrate to the interviewer that you care about your appearance.

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