How to Make Work Better

I can honestly say that I love my job, but then again I get paid well to write fun, short articles for some of the biggest brands in the world. Did I mention I get to do it from home, on my own schedule, and while I get to hang out with my kids all day long? Yeah, I love my job. However, not everyone feels the same way. Before I had this gig, I didn’t love my job. However, since we all spend such a staggering amount of time working, we need to figure out a way to turn our perpetual “Monday Blues” into something more productive and enjoyable.

Make Learning a Priority

The only way people are happy in life is if they are challenged. If work isn’t challenging you at this point, learn something new. Ask your boss to give you more responsibilities or to provide you with the opportunity to attend a conference or meeting on something you are not familiar with.

Bring in the Passion

So you don’t love your job because it has nothing to do with what you are passionate about. Change that. It’s easy to bring what makes you passionate to work. If you’re a teacher who isn’t thrilled about your job because of the rules and regulations set in place by your local government and you have a passion for art, make art a way of learning. Use it to teach math or in reading or whatever else you can use it for at work.

Make Your Office A Place You Like to Be

Paint the wall, pick up a great piece of art, have a photo of the ocean from your hotel room balcony in Hawaii enlarged and framed and put it on your wall. Four white walls and a drab desk is not a place that will make you happy. Do what you can to spruce up your office in a way that will make you excited to be in it.


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