How Not to be the Annoying Coworker

You know the coworker that always orders the most pungent lunch item on the menu and then eats it in your tiny office space, where the smell drifts unpleasantly into your cubicle? Yes, everyone knows that coworker, and if you don’t, that probably means you are that coworker. How about the one that constantly takes personal calls at the top of her lungs, leaving you wondering if her life story is the idea behind the Real Housewives of New Jersey? Unless you stay home with your kids – and goodness knows they are not immune to annoying habits – or in solitary confinement, chances are good that you have coworkers with the innate ability to make you completely crazy, and they don’t even know it. Before you start rolling your eyes and complaining about their lack of office etiquette, make sure you know how not to be the annoying coworker.

Bad Phone Habits

You don’t like to hear your coworker bashing her husband/boyfriend/mother-in-law/neighbor when she’s taking personal calls, so don’t annoy her with your bad phone habits. When you make a call, make sure you aren’t the person who does it on speaker phone. It doesn’t matter if you pick up the phone to carry on an actual conversation, no one wants to hear the dial tone, the loud beeping of the numbers you are dialing and the persistent ringing of the phone until someone’s overly perky secretary answers the phone. Pick up the receiver and be a good coworker.

Yes, you were just told to pick up the phone, but now you’re being told to put it down. No matter how important an email or text message is, put down the smart phone until after your meeting is over. Not only is your obsession with your phone preventing you from giving your full attention to the speaker, it is rude, distracting to others and it could cost you your job.

You Are Just So Busy

You may be busier than everyone in the office combined, but constantly talking about how busy you are does not make for impressed coworkers. It makes for coworkers that find your whining and complaining annoying and irritating, and doing it in front of the wrong person could be an irreversible career killer.

You Are Just So Awesome

Making sure that your bosses know you are working as hard as you can and making big things happen is always great. Bragging about your achievements and accomplishments on a regular basis in front of your coworkers, however, is never great. Your coworkers know how hard you’re working; they work with you after all. Bragging incessantly about your over-achiever attitude does less to impress your coworkers than it does to make them want to see you spill your venti mocha latte all over your white shirt.

You Are Just So Pretty

It doesn’t matter if you’re as naturally gorgeous at the Duchess of Cambridge or as hideous as Shrek, primping at your desk is never okay. Not only does it give your coworkers the message that your job isn’t as important as your lip gloss, it’s also pretty gross. No want wants you powdering dead skin off your face onto your work. Take it to the bathroom, gorgeous.


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