Handling Nerves After a Promotion at Work


It’s finally happened; you landed that major promotion you’ve been working your behind off on and you’re feeling good about it. That is, you’re feeling good about it until your first day in your new office with your new title. Suddenly you’re a bundle of nerves. You’re wondering if you’re even qualified for this position or if you just managed to get it by accident. You can’t remember why you wanted a job this important and you’re sure your boss is going to realize her mistake and take it back any minute now. Forget it, ladies, you’re worth it and you earned it. Now it’s time to ditch the nerves.

Take it Slow

Being in a position to call the shots and make the decisions is a little intimidating. However, it’s important that you take it slow and don’t make a dozen major changes all at once. You’ll become more comfortable with each decision you make, and you won’t overwhelm those of whom you are in charge with a barrage of changes all at one time. The bonus here is that you’ll gain your employee’s trust when you don’t make too many decisions at once.

Look Forward

This promotion – unless you’ve just been named most important person of the most important company ever in the whole wide world – is not the top of the ladder. Perhaps it is in your office or company, but there’s always a future to look forward to. You haven’t “made it” just because you were promoted. There are always jobs that are better, more important and more desirable to you. Start thinking where you really want to be to keep yourself fresh and focused in your new position.

Call a Meeting

One of the most important things you can do with your new promotion to ease your nerves is to call a meeting. Thank your new team for their support in advance, let them know you’ll be there for them and their endeavors and make it obvious you want to be the kind of team leader that’s effective and not too stuffy or controlling. You’ll make everyone – not just yourself – feel a lot less nervous.

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