Handling a Bad Boss Who Makes Work Miserable

Getting up early and going to work every day probably isn’t always fun. Even if you love your job, it’s still difficult to get up and get moving every single day. However, if you have a really bad boss, it makes it even worse. If you aren’t one of the fortunate people who find their boss enjoyable and easy to work for, you need to know how to deal without getting fired or making your life miserable.

Make Sure Your Boss is Bad

It might be tempting to say your boss is a bad boss, but before you start to deal with your bad boss you need to ensure that you aren’t just a bad employee with a grudge. If your boss is really bad, you won’t be the only person who thinks it. Watch her for a few days to make sure that she’s doing things wrong, incorrectly handling situations and treating others unfairly. If not, it might just be you.

Understand Your Boss

If you are one minute late from lunch and it makes your boss lose it, try to understand where he’s coming from. Perhaps he’s not a bad boss, but his boss is on his you-know-what about overtime and long lunches and he’s getting in trouble for everyone else’s neglect. The easiest way to deal with something like this is to simply be on time, no matter how much you want to relax just a few more minutes.

Ignore It

It might be hard to do this, but if you let your boss’s attitude and lack of ability affect your work, you might lose your job. Make it a habit to ignore him whenever you can. Provide yourself with a little mantra you can repeat after and encounter with him that will help you calm down and reorganize your priorities before it interferes with your ability to do your job to the best of your ability.


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