Habits That Negatively Affect Your Job Status


Your job is probably pretty important to you, and you probably don’t want to get fired or reprimanded  while you’re at work. Because you don’t want to get fired or in trouble at the office, you probably spend the day on your best behavior. It’s not difficult to work well and efficiently, have a pleasant attitude and make the most of your day. However, there are just a few little habits you might have at the office that could cost you your job, a promotion or the respect of your coworkers and employers.


It’s really, really tempting to sit at your work friend’s desk and gossip about your coworker’s secret – so they think – romance, or your boss’ awful wife or your assistant’s inability to tell the difference between her left and right, but don’t do it. Gossiping at work is a dangerous pastime. Even if you trust the person you’re gossiping with implicitly, you never know who might overhear or when a big promotion might turn the two of you into frenemies rather than work besties.

Internet Time

Almost everyone surfs the web at work; it’s not a new thing. However, most companies and corporations spend a great deal of time and money monitoring their employee’s work habits and computer usage. Don’t let your desire to use social media or shop online get in the way of your good standing at work. If you must do these things while at work, wait until you’re on your break and use yoru smart phone – provided it’s not issued by the company.


If only the work day lasted a little less than it actually does, life would be good. Imagine only having four hours to get everything done that needs to get done; you’d probably work your behind off for those four hours so you can stay on track before going home to enjoy the rest of your day. However, the office is not like that and most people tend to procrastinate a little, waste time a lot and even try to shorten their own days. Even if you don’t have to clock in or out, someone is always watching you. They know when you’re making it a habit to come in 20 minutes late each morning and leave a half hour early each afternoon. Don’t do it; it could cost you your job.

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