GIFs That Accurately Show What It’s Like to Work From Home


It’s hard to believe but I’ve been working at home since 2007.  We’re talking 8 years of waking up in my boxers and putting nothing else on for the remainder of the day.  We’re talking doing whatever I want whenever I want.  Wait, what?  No.   No, that’s not even remotely the case.

It takes a special breed of person to work from home and frankly it’s not for everyone.  In fact it’s only for a select few.  Not only do you have to be disciplined but you have to be…..disciplined!  Do you realize how hard it is to not watch TV all day?  To just raid the refrigerator every 16 minutes?

Sometimes I wonder how in the world I’m able to do this at all.  Then again, I’m always comforted by the fact that I’ll hopefully never have to commute again.  For all you at home workers, here are some GIFs that 100% accurately depict what it’s like to work at home….

Working in your PJs sounds exciting at first


Seems cool, right?  Wrong.  After time you just feel like a lump.  There are actually days where I dress up just to “feel” like I’m actually doing something during the day, even though I know I am.  Pretty sad huh?

There are times you work way too much

Work Too Much

When it’s 3am and you’ve hit refresh on your computer 100 times because you’re waiting for an email, you know you might be overworked.

There are other times you can’t get off the couch

Costanza Popcorn

Talk about writer’s block.  Any block!  Just let me watch five more minutes!

Everyone you know thinks you’re available all the time

Always Free

This might be the most annoying one of all.  I have a real job people! I’m actually working and no I can’t be everywhere at once.

God Forbid something happens to your computer or lap top

Panic Attack

Worst.  Feeling.  Ever.

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