Get What You Want at Work

Everyone has their own unique way of trying to get what they want. Children, for example, try to sweet talk their parents, some try to pit one against the other, and even more throw temper tantrums in hopes that their parents will give in and give them what they want. Adults are a little subtler when it comes to trying to get their way; however, they aren’t always successful. Some may pout, cry, or become angry, but new research shows that there are a few very specific methods to get what you want at work.

It’s All in the Details

If you want something at work, such as a raise, your best bet is to keep detailed notes regarding your position at the company and what you do every single day. Your boss doesn’t hand out raises to people simply because they’re fun, nice, or have been there for a long time. You want a raise? Take detailed notes of everything you do each day and use that information to negotiate your raise.

Check Out the Competition

Before approaching your boss, do a little research about your competition. Find out what other people with your same job title earn, and what they do every day. You should also find out how much revenue those people bring in, how many new clients they bring in, and use that information to convince your boss you deserve a raise.

Present Your Findings

Schedule time to speak with your boss about your findings; don’t get emotional when you talk to your boss. Simply state the facts, why you deserve a raise, and tell your boss that you don’t want to leave the company, but that you have been approached by other companies who want to pay your more. This is a calm statement of facts that will get you more than throwing a fit or begging.


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