Five Ways You Might Be Driving Co-Workers Insane


Going to work each day shouldn’t be something you dread, or that anyone dreads. However, sometimes the people you work with are not looking forward to the day simply because you annoy them. Yes, sometimes you are that coworker. The one that causes everyone to groan inwardly and roll their eyes discreetly when you walk into the office. When you go on vacation, they do happy dances in their heads. You might not even realize it, but the things you’re doing are driving your co-workers insane. Here are a few things that might be making them crazy.

You Smell

Whether you smell or your lunch smells, it drives your coworkers insane. Too much garlicky food or too much cologne, or not enough showers, can make your coworkers insane. Do not ever be the person that provides too much of any kind of smell in the office, please.

You’re Loud

If everything you do is loud, it drives your coworkers crazy. It could be the way you cough like you’re about to die, the way you obsessively clear your throat or the way you just drive people insane as a general rule. Whatever you do that’s loud, stop it.

You’re a Chatter

People like to talk when they have time, but when they don’t they don’t want to hear it. If you’re the kind of coworker that spends all day chit chatting to anyone who will listen, people will dislike you. If you notice that your coworkers don’t stop looking at their computer or papers when you are talking, they’re not interested. This is their subtle hit to go away.

You Come to Work Sick

Look, no one likes when you’re out sick and they have to cover for you in terms of work load. However, no one likes when you show up to the office sick and ready to share it with everyone that’s present. They don’t want to get sick, so they want you to stay home. It drives them nuts when you show up contagious.

You’re a Toucher

Some people are just more touchy-feely than others, and it’s okay. If you’re a hugger, great. People don’t hate huggers, they just don’t like huggers that want to hug them at work. Don’t be too touchy. Try to keep your hands to yourself. Most people value their personal space and they do not want you in it.

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