Five Things You Should Never Tell Your Co-Workers

Sharing personal information at the office is a controversial subject. No one wants to know all about your latest bout of very person doctor’s appointments of your baby mama drama, but does that mean you can’t share cute stories about your kids or divulge health struggles your family is working to overcome? It’s gray area, which is always problematic in the workplace. However, there are five things you should never, ever, ever tell your coworkers.

How Much You Make

Don’t discuss personal finances with anyone other than your accountant, your spouse and your banker. It’s none of their business. Do not even think about it, especially when it comes to your salary and that of your coworkers. If they’re having a conversation about their salaries, stay out of it.

Your Weaknesses

If you share with your coworkers your weaknesses, it makes them look at you a bit differently. It might not turn into a big deal in every situation, but when your coworkers know that you’re not the powerful and confident woman you typically are at work, they might use that to their advantage. If you’re not good with conflict, don’t share that with your coworkers.

How You Feel about Coworkers or Your Boss

If you don’t like your other coworker or your boss, keep it to yourself. Gossip in the office is a major no-no. Even if others are already discussing their dislike for the awful new guy, keep mum. You don’t want to damage your own reputation in the process. Remember: What Susie says of Sally says more about Susie than it does of Sally.

What You Did Over the Weekend

A very generic, “I had a lovely weekend with my family,” is fine. You can mention soccer games and shopping trips or even the destination of your vacation, but do not under any circumstances let your coworkers know the every most detail you can think of. You can have your personal life, you can have fun, but you don’t want to talk about it.

You’re Looking for a New Job  

It will get back to your boss, and that’s not something you want him to know about until you put in your resignation. Don’t tell a coworker about this, ever, under any circumstances. Your position at the company might depend on this remaining a secret.

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