Five Phrases Your Boss Always Likes To Hear

Your boss doesn’t want to hear a lot of stuff. He doesn’t want to hear office gossip. She doesn’t want to hear about how much wine you consumed this weekend. What he or she does want to hear, however, are a few very productive, proactive and professional phrases. If you’re looking to impress your boss, you might consider adding one or more of these phrases to your work vocabulary.

I’m Done; Can We Go Over This?

When you are working on a project and you wait until the last minute to turn it in because that’s what’s required, it’s fine. When you’re working on a project and you finish a section of it, your boss wants to hear you tell her that you’re done with a portion and would like to look it over with her. This gives her the notion that you’re excited for her input and feedback and that you want to see what improvements you can make now instead of fixing the entire thing later.

Here’s a Potential Solution

When you take a problem to your boss, he doesn’t want to hear you ask how to handle it. He wants to hear you report the problem and then report a solution you’ve come up with. He wants to see you’re taking initiative to handle problems. Before you report an issue, figure out a potential solution and share it.

I Have Some Ideas

Ideas are always worth mentioning whether they are good or bad. Ideas are things you have to help with potential situations. Even if it’s a bad idea, it might develop into a good idea. It’s something that gives your boss something to think about and something to plan for. It’s something that shows you’re thinking ahead and looking for a solution.

I’m Happy to Learn

When you are happy to learn what your boss wants you to learn, or something your boss mentions that you think would benefit you, it speaks volumes. Those who are willing to learn are usually the hardest workers and the most productive people in the office. Let your boss know you’re interested in learning and developing; not just there for the benefits.

I’d Love a Mentor

Your boss, whether or not he or she is the right mentor, can provide you with one that will help you expand on your knowledge and improve your career. The desire to have one is something your boss wants to hear, because it tells him or her you’re in the market to learn and that you want to go further in your career.

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