Five of the Least Stressful but Most Lucrative Careers Right Now


Stress is everywhere. On that note, allow us to mention we live with the firm belief that we provide ourselves with the bulk of our own stress. It’s the simple truth that life is so much more stressful than it needs to be, but we’ve all added to our own stress in so many ways that we are probably going to kill ourselves with it. Let’s be honest; our parents were not as stressed as we are. They didn’t have the technology that causes so much stress.

They didn’t have Instagram showing us how unfabulous our lives are and causing people to go out and spend money on things they cannot afford to feel as if they made it when they post photos on social media. They didn’t have to see their friends and family on amazing vacations every other week on social media causing them to feel stressed out and envious of others. They didn’t have their work email binging in their pockets at all times. They didn’t work from home so they never had to try and differentiate between leaving work behind and living with it 24/7. They didn’t have cell phones and iPads and other forms of device that caused them to become constantly available to work, friends and kids.

I imagine it was less stressful. They could leave work at work on the weekends because they had no way of checking their emails – they didn’t even have emails – and their bosses couldn’t call them 24 hours per day or send texts or messages or whatever. They were far less stressed than we are – and we only make it worse for ourselves by trying to be everything to ourselves and to everyone else on a regular basis.

That’s why I thought we might talk careers today. I recently stumbled across a list of the least stressful jobs in the world; and they pay well. Since stress is actually a killer – no, literally; it’s a killer – we thought we might share with you a few jobs that might lower your stress level, increase your income and allow you to live a life that’s far less pricey in terms of your good health, doctor appointments, mental health and your overall happiness. Want to see what you can find? We picked our favorites, but we can assure you there are plenty more where these come from.

Food Scientist – $65,000

It’s not a job that pays that well, but it’s one that doesn’t provide you with a ton of stress. That really balances it out. You need a Bachelor’s, sometimes a doctoral degree – but you get to play with your food all day long. It’s a childhood dream for many.

Art Director – $96,000

Here’s something I think we can all get on board with. It’s not a six-figure salary, but the lack of stress is worthwhile. This is a job that requires either an art degree or previous art work experience. You get to style galleries, play with art, make things pretty and host social gatherings. It’s not a bad gig, and we kind of love everything about it.

Computer Hardware Engineer – $106,000

This is a job that many techies can do, and I can attest to the fact that those in the tech industry are paid well. My own husband has been in the banking tech industry for more than 15 years, and it’s a lucrative career. These guys have very little stress as computer hardware engineers, as they basically do a lot of research and design, and they create a lot of awesome stuff. They need a Bachelor’s and appropriate training, but it’s no big deal if you’re motivated.

Optometrist – $111,000

My optometrist and his wife own their practice, and they enjoy their life. Of course they do; they’re doctors who get paid fairly well to really do very little. Someone else comes in and does all the testing and prelims on me every year, and they come into the office for a few moments toward the end to tell me what they’d like for me to try in my eyes this year, to chat with me about the kids, and to see how life is going in general. Basically, they have great jobs. You need a bachelor’s degree, a four-year optometry degree and a license.

Orthodontists – $196,000 per year

It might not seem like the most sanitary job, but it’s a good one. You get the title of doctor, but you only have to work certain hours of the day and you don’t have to spend as much time working for it. You’ll need a four-year college degree, a four-year dental degree and a year or two on the job working as a resident to make almost $200,000 per year sitting down and checking teeth – and occasionally engaging in surgeries to help people feel more confident and more beautiful. It’s life-changing, but nowhere near as stressful as becoming a doctor.

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