Five Excellent Entry-Level Jobs with Long Term Potential


New college graduates often face a harsh reality; that shiny and very expensive new diploma does not guarantee a key to a corner office in a big-city high rise working as a CEO for a Fortune 500 company. In fact, most grads are not able to even get a job that is even remotely close to what they want out of life when they graduate, and that’s just how it goes when you are a new college grad. There is a huge misconception that college = immediate success. Many grads don’t realize, or perhaps they forget, that they still have to work their way to the top in many industries. But that’s not something you should worry too much about. In fact, many new grads are able to find jobs that might not seem exceptional off the bat, but the potential for growth and development are quite impressive. Read on find out which five entry-level positions are promising for job hunting in terms of long-term potential for those who have a new degree in hand.

Human Resources Specialist

It’s a job with a starting salary around $30,000 per year, which is exceptionally low. However, experience and a great attitude can cause you to earn promotions and better titles, and can have you earning more than $114,000 per year as a human resources manager in many companies before you know it.


This is a field in which even the lowest paid people are still paid quite well. Depending on the particular engineering specialty, most entry-level jobs pay more than $50,000 per year, and the number grows significantly afterward to something more in the 6-figure range as you add a bit of experience to your resume.

Marketing Specialist

You’re not getting paid handsomely right out the door; $30,000 is not a lot of money. However, the top 25% of marketing specialists with a few years experience under their belts brought home just over $170,000 per year in 2014, if that is a good example of the potential salary growth you have in that field.

Sales Rep

Here’s a job no one wants to have, but forgets has major potential. A sales rep in the service sector is a bit more promising, and it’s something that can lead to serious growth in very little time. While a job of this nature might not mean earning much up front, it’s one that can cause you to earn a significant pay raise as you quickly become someone who has a team to manage.

Public Relations Specialist

Doesn’t it seem as if just about everyone is in PR these days? Well, it does seem that many people are in this business, but that doesn’t change the fact that it’s a good business to be in. While the job usually starts out with a paltry $30,000 salary, the potential for growth in this industry is quick and promising, and many PR specialists can work their way up to a much more acceptable 6-figure salary in a few years time.

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