Five Bizarre Ways Bosses Have Motivated Their Employees

Because gainful employment and a paycheck just aren’t enough motivation for some people, employers are looking to find more creative, even unusual, ways to offer motivation in the workplace. Most employers are dealing with employees that are entitled. They want more money, less hours, better benefits, less responsibility and more understanding; and bosses have to keep these people motivated to do their jobs without having to hand over their own pensions. Here are a few unusual ways employers can motivate those that work for them.

Give Awards

Sure, being the employee of the month is great. However, wouldn’t it be much more fun to hold an awards ceremony in which you honor the person who keeps the office laughing and enjoying time at work? Or how about honoring the employee that makes the best coffee in the break room? It’s fun, lighthearted and gives your employees a little bit of motivation to work harder each month.

Offer Something Delicious

Google has a high-end buffet in their offices that’s free to employees all year long. Since your business might not have the same billions as Google, consider hosting a monthly or weekly luncheon in which you offer a gourmet lunch – free of charge – in the office for your employees. It makes them feel good about work, valued and much more motivated to stay in their position (rather than look for a new one or slack).

Dress Up the Boss Day

If you let the employee who makes the most sales/earns the most whatever/does the best job each month dress you up once a month as a reward, people will work harder. It’s a great idea because it motivates people to win. While they may love you, you’re still their boss and they’re going to love the opportunity to make you wear a feather boa and tiara around the office, to meetings, and to lunch just out of principal. It’s a great motivator.

Show Appreciation

Getting a paycheck is nice. Getting a paycheck with a little note that offers congratulations, praise or a kind remark about something that any particular employee did that week or month that you felt was outstanding is extra nice. It shows your employees that you’re taking note of their performance, but it also shows them you appreciate their excellence, which will make them strive for it in the future.

Offer a Reward

Everyone likes a day off with pay, or even a half day. Each month, choose the employee that stood out the most in terms of hard work, dedication and success and give that person a Friday off work, or let them leave at noon instead of five. It’s a great way to motivate people; they want to go home!

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