Don’t Let Power Go to Your Head

It’s amazing when you finally reach your goals and amass the wealth you’ve worked so hard for. However, when your rise to the top includes a complete change in persona, it can hinder your progress and make it all seem like it’s not even worthwhile. What does this mean? What this means is that too often, people take what power they’re given and they ruin it. There are three things people are likely to do when they reach the top that might ground you pretty quickly if you don’t change your newly acquired power kick.


You’ve worked for years at the same company and you’ve just been promoted to head honcho. That’s great! You must have really earned your role, but I guarantee you did not earn in by going on a power trip and being controlling. Once you reach the top, you cannot let the power go to your head and cause you to micromanage and control those around you. Let them do their jobs without that.


You cannot spend your life working hard for all that you wanted and then fearing it’s going to end any minute now. You don’t get to have all the power in the world to be the person you want to be when you fear what will happen once you reach your goals. Instead, enjoy what you have and work hard and keeping it. Fearing the future won’t do anything but cause stress and anxiety; and neither do you any good.


If there is one thing that people who reach the top tend to do the most, it’s preach. You suddenly have all this power and all these people listening to you and you decide to make it your personal mission to preach your own word to these people. It’s not a good quality to have, so lose it before you lose your standing.


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