Dealing With Career Envy Before It Poisons Your Career

Career envy is not something you want to get attached to.  It is something that you need to deal with and get out of the way before it ruins your own career.

Career envy can happen when you get passed over for a promotion or it seems like someone in your workplace always catches a break while you play by the rules and do your best.  So what can you do to deal with a bad case of career envy?

Always be the bigger person.  When you lost out on an opportunity, don’t be a person who is a sore loser.  Congratulate the person who got the position or the raise or whatever it is that you were working for.  Yes, this can be a hard thing to do but you will feel better about yourself afterward and it will help your career envy to go away.

You can even ask the person that got the position for advice in advancing your own career.  If they open up and are helpful, you might even be surprised to find an office friendship developing.

If it seems like someone you work with always catches a break, check yourself before you go to your employer with a case of career envy.  Ask someone to help you work through your feelings who is outside of the situation and can be impartial.  Ideally, it would be someone who you do not work with.  Ask them to be honest with you about what they see and where you are going wrong.  Only go to your employer after you have carefully considered the situation and are absolutely certain you are not blowing things out of proportion.

For more information on how career envy can hurt your career, you may find this article by 411arena helpful in sorting out what you are feeling and how to deal with it.

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