Bringing Treats To Work Has Its Advantages

There are advantages to bringing treats to work.  In addition to getting to snack on something yummy, it turns out it can actually boost your career.  It seems like a really small act but it works.

When you bring treats to work, people take notice.  They appreciate that you took your time when you were not on the clock to do something for your job.  That shows that you care about your coworkers.  It also shows your dedication to your job which is something that employers tend to take notice of.  Bringing treats to work is a small example of how you are willing to be dedicated to your job and give your own time for your job on occasion.

It also boosts morale.  A little treat can make everyone’s day seem a little brighter.  Everyone is happy to see someone come in with an armful of treats.  It is just a nice thing to do that makes the day a little brighter.  It can help you to break the ice when you are new on the job.  Everyone wants to make friends with the person who is bringing treats to work.

Bringing treats to work can also be a good thing to do if you haven’t been doing so well at work lately.  It kind of makes up for some little mistakes and shows that you want things to go well for you in the workplace.  Overall, it is just a really nice gesture.

If you are in leadership position, bringing treats to work can be a great motivational tool.  My husband is a supervisor in his workplace and has used this tactic on occasion.  It is always appreciated by the people under his leadership.

This article on work do’s and don’ts by the Chicago Tribune includes some information about bringing treats to work.

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