3 Work From Home Traits You Must Possess

Commuting to the couch, or the front porch or your home office sanctuary in less than 10 seconds is one of the biggest perks of working from home. Not only do you not have to wear pants if you really don’t want to, you don’t have to work around anyone’s schedule but your own. Can’t work this morning because you want to volunteer in your child’s class: No problem! You’ll just work tonight when they go to bed to make up for it. Working from home is a great job – but it’s not for everyone.

You Need Discipline

If you find it difficult to accomplish anything without someone supervising you, chances are good that you might not accomplish much working from home. You have to be incredibly disciplined to work from home. You must be able to ignore the dishes and the laundry and focus on work. You have to be able to say no to the lingering wish to head out to the pool with a book and spend the afternoon reading and laying in the sun instead of working. If you can’t do this; working from home is not for you.

You Need Dedicated Space

This one is a bit touch and go. You can work from home without a dedicated space, but it’s not easy. An office of your own makes it much easier. It’s difficult to work when your paperwork, files and information are all over the house. You’re constantly getting up and down searching for things and you’re probably distracted by what’s around you. if you haven’t a dedicated space in which you can shut the door to shut out your home and store your work related items, you’re going to find it difficult to work from home.

You Need Motivation

When it’s a cold rainy day, you might want to do nothing more than curl up with your coffee, pajamas and a good book. While there’s nothing wrong with that in general, it doesn’t lend itself to good productivity. You have to be able to stay motivated even when the rest of the world wants you anything but.

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