3 Ways to Increase Your Chances of a Promotion at Work

Who doesn’t want a promotion at work? Most people are happy and willing to admit that they are in the market for a better paying, more powerful role in the office, but most of those same people have no idea how to go about getting a promotion. Here’s a hint; it doesn’t involve brownnosing or cheating. Working your way to the top means working harder and being up for new ventures.

Practice Flexibility

No, not with your yoga poses, though that will help to relax you, which could make you more productive in the office. We’re talking about being flexible at work. Do extra jobs, say yes to things that are outside your comfort zone and never utter the words, “That’s not in my job description.” Sometimes you might have to be flexible in a way that you don’t enjoy, such as moving to a new city or changing to a smaller office. However, it could all pay off in the end.

No More Office Gossip

Sure, it’s sometimes the only way to get through happy hour with your coworkers, but you should try to avoid office gossip at all costs. You’re job might depend on the fact that your reputation is that of a woman who doesn’t involve herself in the petty everyday goings on at the office. Keep your opinions to yourself and stay away from the troublemakers if you want that promotion.

Take Time Off

You’re not a better employee than anyone else when you don’t take time off work. You are guaranteed that time and you deserve it. Time off can help you rejuvenate, regenerate and be a better employee. Don’t call in sick all week if you aren’t, of course, but do take time off when you need it.


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