3 Reasons to Turn Down a Job Opportunity

New job opportunities don’t come around every single day for most people, but when they do it’s tempting to want to jump up and down and accept within seconds. A great new job opportunity means a lot of things for a lot of people; it might mean financial freedom, independence and a chance to start over. However, sometimes a new job isn’t the right fit and your best bet is to turn down the offer; but how do you know when to turn down a new job opportunity?

It’s Too Soon

If you’ve just begun looking for a new job and receive an immediate offer, it might not be a good idea to accept. If you’d like to defer answering immediately, do so. However, you might find that accepting the first offer that comes your way means saying no to even better, more lucrative offers that might have come your way if you’d continued your job search.

No Chance of Advancement

Just because a job offers to pay you more than you’re making now or just because it has a shiny job title that gets you all excited does not mean it’s worth accepting. Look into the future; does this job have something to offer you later on? Will you be able to advance your position and move up in the company? If the only moves you can make are lateral, it might not be the best idea to accept a job offer here.

You’re Unsure

It’s perfectly natural to feel a bit of anxiety or nervousness when accepting a new job proposal. However, if you feel something isn’t right in your gut, go with it. Your intuition is usually right and ignoring it is typically not a great idea. Don’t be afraid to turn down a job proposal if it doesn’t seem to be the right fit for you and your future.

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