Calling Off Your Wedding is Something You Can Do

Most of us don’t know anyone who has called off a wedding after the final arrangements have been made, the invitations have gone out and the big day has arrived. However, I think we might be surprised how many people we know who end up divorced contemplated the idea at the time. Many couples might be too scared to call off the wedding once deposits have been made and family has been invited, but if you aren’t in it forever, you should call it off no matter what anyone says or thinks. Here are three reasons to call off your wedding now.

You’re Uncertain

If you can look into your future and see yourself with someone else, not having children with your almost-spouse or you just plain hate the idea of getting married, call off the wedding. It doesn’t matter how late it is, you should call it off if you have deep uncertainty that simply won’t go away. Of course, you cannot confuse this with cold feet, which does occur. This kind of uncertainty causes sleeplessness, tears and the ability to see a future without your husband-to-be.


Your mom wants grandchildren, your family expects it, you’ve been together for years; there are so many reasons why you might feel pressured to get married. Don’t. If you feel that your wedding is the result of pressure that makes you feel you have to get married despite the fact you don’t want to; call it off.

Someone Cheated

Look, there are some people who are willing to look past cheating, and some who are not. However, there is no reason you should marry a cheater or get married if you are a cheater. Call it off if that’s what you feel you need to do. Only you can make this decision for yourself, but don’t be afraid to call it off if that’s what you want.


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