You Can Break The Habit Of Gossiping About Others

Gossiping about others is not a wise habit to practice.  Not only is it unkind but it can come back to bite you in many different ways.  You can lose friends by gossiping.  You can alienate family members or cause trouble for yourself on the job.  The truth is, gossiping isn’t worth the price.

Why do people gossip?  Usually gossip has become such a habit that we don’t give a lot of thought to why we do it.  It can be a diversion for us from our own problems.  It can give us something interesting to talk about or make us feel better about our own lives.  But it is easy to see that gossiping isn’t a good thing to do.

If you want to stop the practice of gossiping, then you have to first make a decision that you don’t want to take part in that habit anymore.  For awhile, it will probably be hard to not give in to temptation to take part in gossiping but the longer you go without giving in, the easier it will get.  Just like any habit, the one of not gossiping will take time to form.

If you are not sure if passing something along is gossiping or now, ask yourself if you know if the tidbit is true.  If you are sure it is true, ask yourself if it is kind and if others would be helped by knowing this information.  If the tidbit passes all three of those little quizzes, you can probably share without fear that you are gossiping.  Another question you can ask yourself is how you would feel if someone was sharing that bit of information about you?  The answer to that will probably be very telling.

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