Black Friday Shopping Tips You Haven’t Already Heard

Everyone has tips that make Black Friday shopping easier; make a list, know what you want, start early and so on and so forth. However, what no one tells you is the Black Friday shopping advice you really need to know. Since you have four days – three if you’re one of those people who ditch your family on Thanksgiving night to shop (and having some special extended family of my own, allow me to say that I see why you ditch the fam early to shop that night) – you need to know these three invaluable Black Friday tips.

Dress the Part

It’s far easier to warm up than it is to cool off. Dress in layers. Even in the warmest parts of the country, it’s cool at night. You’ll need to be nice and warm and toasty for those long lines, but you do need to dress so that you can remove layers and make yourself more comfortable as the day breaks and the sun shines. Additionally, flats are always a good idea. I don’t care if they’re ballet, boots or tennis shoes. Actually, come to think of it, steel-toe boots might save your toes in the mad rush to save $50 on your new television.

Fill Up

Don’t wait until you leave the house at 1 am to fill up your gas tank to shop all day. Why? Because there aren’t usually gas stations open at this hour. Fill up in advance and save yourself the trouble, the cold fingers and the hassle of finding a gas station that’s open in the middle of the night – that’s not near a truck stop along some deserted route of the interstate 10 miles away from where you want to shop.

Pack Snacks

Believe it or not, it’s a good idea to pack a few energy-boosting snacks for those times in which you are starving but not likely to get out of line anytime in the near future. You can stop and eat at restaurants anytime, but if you start to feel your energy slipping away when you have 78 people in line in front of you, you might wish you had that apple or cereal bar on Black Friday.

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