What are the Biggest Wedding Guest Complaints?


Repeat after me: My wedding day is not only about me, me, me. Really, it’s not; and knowing this is what made my wedding day nearly a decade ago the best day of my life to that point. When my husband and I took the time to discuss the fact that this was a day about family rather than just me or just us, it made the entire day  that much more enjoyable and amazing. Your guests are your closest friends and family. They’re probably spending some serious money and time to attend your wedding, and you want to keep them as happy as you. With that in mind, here are three things wedding guests complain most about – it’ll help you avoid them at your wedding.

Dress Code

Asking your guests to wear formal attire without any red, black or white (because you don’t want them to look like the people in your wedding, obviously!) is a no-no. You can ask them to dress formally, but let’s not get too out of line making the dress code this strict. It’s annoying. Guests don’t have to be told not to wear white to your wedding and other colors shouldn’t matter (at least, the ones with proper etiquette don’t have to be told). Strict dress codes that are just a bit over the top are never appreciated and will actually turn some guests off.

A Long Time Between Events

We all know you have to take photos between the ceremony and the reception, but your guests will become bored and hungry if you don’t do something for them in between. A cocktail hour with appetizers and cocktails will keep them happy until you arrive and the festivities begin. Just don’t make them wait hours for your arrival. On that note, if the wedding is supposed to start at a certain time, don’t delay it forever and make them wait even longer. It’s a bit rude.

Bad Music

You might want a five piece orchestra to play at your wedding, but if the music is boring all night long, people will leave early and you’ll feel you spent all this money on nothing. You and your guests want to get up and dance; so make sure that happens with great music.

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