The Biggest Times in Life You Should Have Listened to Your Mom


Moms; they’re special people. You love them so much when you’re little that you cry when they leave. You hate them so much as teens that you wish they’d leave you alone all the time. You even swear you will never, ever, ever, be like her because she is that awful. She’s the worst mom, EVER! And then you grow up and you realize that the woman who gave birth to you, sacrificed just about everything for you your entire life, is not all that bad. In fact, she’s a little bit like your best friend these days. She’s an awesome woman who really is the closest thing to a superhero in your life, and you really should have spent more time listening to her when you were growing up. Your mom had a lot to say to you as you were growing up, and you probably ignored her once or twice. Moms are not always right and they are certainly not perfect (I can say this with certainty being that I am a mom) and more often than not we are really just winging it. But that doesn’t mean moms don’t occasionally have some pretty good advice. And these five instances prove that you should listen to your mom more often.

Don’t Get a Tattoo

When mom says not to get a tattoo, she’s usually right. Some people get them and love them, and other people find that they get them and then hate them. Don’t do it. At least, don’t do it that young. Wait until you’re older and more sure of yourself.

Don’t Pierce That

Your mom knows that you shouldn’t pierce things, and you should listen to her. What do you think she makes this stuff up for? Her own personal pleasure? Nothing good comes of a belly button ring or a nose piercing.

Don’t Drink and Drive

We shouldn’t have to listen to our moms to know this is a bad idea. However, you should simply hope that you never have to find out the hard way that this is a terrible idea and that your mom is always right.

Wear Your Sunscreen

You’re going to look like a dried out leather handbag one day if you don’t. Your mom, she knows these things because she’s awesome. Listen to her; especially if she looks like a dried out leather handbag or she has amazingly beautiful skin.

Do Not Wear that Out of the House

If your mom doesn’t think you need to wear something out of the house, you don’t need to wear it out of the house. She might know that you don’t look good or that you’re going to send the wrong impression, and she knows that you need her advice.

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