Be a Better Friend in No Time With This Advice

Ever feel like life has gotten in the way of your ability to be a good friend? Well all do from time to time. There are kids and jobs and extracurricular activities and houses to care for and husbands to love and it’s just all a bit overwhelming from time to time. Sometimes we might feel we have no time to be any sort of friend, let alone a good one. Instead of accepting that as reality, here are a few tips that might help you to become a better friend at anytime; especially when you’re not feeling much like one.

Offer Compliments

Who doesn’t love to hear something nice about themselves? No one! Even your friends need your compliments from time to time, despite the fact that you might think it doesn’t sound like much coming from you since you love them so much anyway. However, your friend needs to hear that you think she rocks or that she’s gorgeous or that she’s a great mom/teacher/wife/lawyer/pediatrician….it’s one way to make you a better friend.

Be Loyal

The easiest way to be a better friend is to simply stay loyal. What your friend says to you in confidence should stick with you and only you. Don’t tell anyone else your friend’s deepest secrets or her thoughts or anything she tells you in confidence. What she says to you should be automatically assumed between the two of you and not for sharing with others.

Be Reliable

There’s nothing that makes for a worse friend than someone so unreliable you don’t even know if they’re your friend. Don’t break plans, show up late or constantly say you’d love to do something and then back out at the last possible minute. Being a friend means being reliable. Of course, things sometimes come up at the last minute and actually require you to break plans and whatnot, but when it only happens on occasion, it’s okay.

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