The Benefits of Turning 30 and Leaving Your 20s Behind

 (Photo by Paul Morigi/Getty Images)
(Photo by Paul Morigi/Getty Images)

If there is one thing that women seem to dread more than anything else, (no, not your yearly exam, but that’s close) it’s turning 30. I don’t know why leaving your 20s behind and entering your 30s is such a scary experience, but many women actually face depression, sadness and fear over their 30th birthdays. I’m here to tell you that it’s not that bad. In fact, it’s not bad at all. It’s actually pretty great to turn 30. Why? Because there are so many benefits to this decade.

You Know What You Want

You might have thought you knew what you wanted when you were 22 or 27, but now you know what you want. Your 20s are behind you and you know exactly where you want to be in life. Even better, you know exactly what you have to do to get there. The benefit of turning 30 is comfort; you’re still young enough to have plenty of fun and enjoy life, but you’re old enough to know what it really means to do so.

You’ve Gained Perspective

Perspective is something you gather with age. You don’t have the kind of perspective at 20 you have at 30. You’ve had an entire decade of additional life experiences to teach you that what you once thought meant something specific actually meant nothing at all. Turning 30 provides you with the ability to gain real perspective (though this will change when you get older because you’ll gain even more).

People Take You Seriously

Once you turn 30 you’ll find that people take you more seriously. They’ll find what you have to say more interesting, they’ll believe you know more than what you really do and they’ll find you more responsible and mature. It’s also easy to be taken more seriously when you live a little more seriously. At 30, the days in which you were immature and irresponsible should be far behind.


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