The Benefits to Planning a Quick Wedding

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Have you noticed recently that your friends and coworkers and family members are getting engaged and planning their weddings almost immediately? And I don’t mean they’re planning on buying bridal magazines and looking forward to the planning; I mean they’re literally planning their wedding for as soon as possible. Engagements seem to be getting shorter and shorter with couples planning their weddings faster than ever. It seems they’re engaged on Sunday and married on Monday and gawking in shock when I tell them that my husband and I were engaged and planned our wedding for two years while we graduated and built our house (like we waited FOREVER). Surprisingly, however, there are some serious benefits to planning your walk down the aisle as quickly as possible.

Financial Savings

When you plan your wedding quickly, you tend to save more money. Why? Because many couples book lavish venues years in advance, leaving you without those options when it comes to choosing your location. Most quickie brides and grooms end up spending less than half of the money of couples who plan for a longer period of time.

Less Stress

Believe it or not, you’ll stress less planning your wedding quickly. This might seem impossible because you have less time to do twice the work, but brides and grooms are so busy making plans and taking care of their wedding to-do list that they don’t have idle time in between planning stages to get nervous or stress about how perfect the day will become.

No Interference

When the wedding is planned quickly, there’s less time for others to interfere. This means you don’t have to worry as much about parents and in-laws and bridal party members taking over the planning and making changes to your big day. They’re too intimidated by your short time frame to want to get involved, which saves quite a bit of dramatics.

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