Surprising Benefits Of Being An Optimist

You know that being an optimist makes your life much more pleasant because you are not constantly dwelling on the negative.  You are happier and have less bad moods to deal with.  But did you know that there are other, more far reaching benefits of just being in a good mood?  The following are three benefits that being an optimist can give to you.

When you are an optimist, you have better health than negative or pessimistic people do.  Optimistic people are less likely to get sick and when they do, they generally recover much more quickly.  Not only do they have better physical health but they have many fewer instances of mental health problems.  Depression, anxiety and even pms don’t strike an optimist nearly as often as they strike a pessimist.  It really makes sense; a happy person is hard to bring down.

When you are an optimist, you are also more successful in your career.  Being an optimist will win you many friends and make you a popular person to be around.  You are well-liked as an optimist and therefore, you are more likely to get the promotion or job position that you are desiring.

Being an optimist has wonderful benefits in your personal relationships as well.  You will have more close friends you can count on in difficult times for support.  You also have a higher chance of having a marriage that survives the hard times.  An optimist has a way of looking at the bright side that helps their partner see the bright side, as well.  An optimist is always searching for the silver lining, even when it can be hard to see. has an article on the benefits of being an optimist that you may find interesting to give you more information on this subject.


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