Benefits of Being Happily Married to Your Spouse

Being happily married is not something that people make up or that they only experience when they first exchange vows. Plenty of couples are just as happily married – if not even more so than before – after decades as they are when they first tie the knot. Being happily married is a gift that you give to yourself. It’s not something you luck out and find. Either way, however, being happily married is extremely beneficial to your health.

Less Stress

Being half a happily married couple makes it possible for you to feel happier because you have less stress. When you have a partner with whom you share your frustrations and doubts, it causes your stress level to shrink. This helps you to feel better, look better and focus on the important things in life.


Being happily married means you’re chances of good health are better. Those who are happily married tend to work out more often, eat a healthier diet and enjoy adventurous activities. For example, those who are happy tend to feel happier when spending time together doing fun activities such as walking, swimming, biking, hiking or traveling. It’s good for your body, your stress level and your life expectancy.

Your Attitude

When you’re in a happy marriage, chances are good that you have a better attitude than people who are in an unhappy marriage. You’re less likely to be a “Debbie-Downer,” as those type of people are typically called (and no, I’m not calling people who aren’t happy downers; it’s a scientific fact). When you’re in a better mood you tend to be more generous, more active, funnier and more enjoyable to be around. This benefits not only your marriage and your family relationships, but your friendships and your relationship with your clients and coworkers as well.

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