Is It Possible For You Be Too Picky When Dating?

Is it possible for you to be too picky when dating even on top hookup apps?  Yes, it absolutely is.  The truth is that you absolutely want to be choosy when you are dating.  You want to have high standards.  You know your worth and you want someone who treasures you.  But you do not want to set your standard so high that it is unattainable for anyone to reach.  If you do that, you will be cheating yourself out of a lot of possibly great relationships.

Being too picky when dating occurs when you zero in on little things that really shouldn’t matter.  Maybe the prospective dating partner has an extra 10 pounds on them.  Maybe they smile a little more than you prefer.  Maybe you don’t love their laugh.  The point is, that you might be throwing away your chance with a really great person because of something trivial.

Of course you want to have attraction between you.  Things are not going to go very far if there is no chemistry.  And if they have a habit that is absolutely annoying to you and will affect your future relationship together, that is worth noting and acting on.  But take care that you are not being too picky when dating.  You might be missing out on a really great person.

If you are unsure if you are being too picky when dating, ask someone who you look up to and respect for their opinion.  A trusted friend can help you to see if you are too picky when dating.  Ask them to be honest with you and help you to work through your feelings toward a prospective dating partner.

Another thought is to go out with the person and give it a couple of dates. Give them a chance. If after a few dates, you can see that it is going nowhere, that is fine, maybe you should try milf sex San Diego first. But you just might find you like them more than you first thought.

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