A Perfectionist Is Not A Perfect Thing To Be: Reasons To Change

I have a confession.  I am a recovering perfectionist.  I am not sure exactly how this habit got started.  Maybe it was the obsession to make good grades in school and it slowly spilled over into other areas of my life.  It doesn’t really matter because once the habit of being a perfectionist begins, it is hard to break.

But it is possible to break the habit of being a perfectionist.  Being a perfectionist is not a healthy habit.  It does have advantages.  You have high standards.  You don’t settle.  You usually have a very clean home and great evaluations at your job.  But the disadvantages are there and overwhelming.  You stress over little details.  You worry yourself sick over things that don’t really matter.  You miss a lot of life moments that are meant to be enjoyed because you are too busy orchestrating them to make sure they are perfect for others. You also tend to be constantly in fix-it mode, when things might honestly be pretty good as they are and not need your improvement.

So, how do you break the habit of being a perfectionist?  You break it by teaching yourself to relax and enjoy life.  It isn’t an overnight transition.  It may take months or years to break the habit of being a perfectionist but you can do it.  I know because I am working on this right along with you and while my perfectionist tendencies rear their heads on occasion, I am much more able to enjoy my life now.  I can watch a movie if there are dishes in the sink.  I don’t think the world will end if I don’t fix my chipped nail before others see it.  To start breaking this habit, set certain times to relax and keep them no matter what you did or didn’t complete perfectly.  Set a time each day to relax and do something you enjoy.  You can overcome being a perfectionist.



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