Being Nice to Yourself is a Vital Step Toward Success

The least attractive habit many people have is the inability to be nice; to themselves. It doesn’t matter how nice you are to everyone else if you cannot be nice to yourself. The words you say about yourself and the thoughts you think about yourself become how you picture yourself and believe yourself to be. If you want to be a happier, more attractive, more fun person, it’s time to rid yourself of your attitude and start being nicer to you.

Cry it Out

When you are feeling down and unhappy, it’s far better for you to cry it out, scream and punch your pillow repeatedly until the emotions are spent. You’ll feel so much better afterward that you won’t be able to remember why you were upset in the first place. It’s a much better habit to do this than it is to tell yourself you aren’t worthy, or that things happened this way because you aren’t good enough.

Indulge Yourself

You probably spend a lot of time doing things for others, which is great. However, if you forget to do things for yourself, you won’t see yourself as special and that could be detrimental to your attitude. When you treat yourself to a really great bottle of wine or a spectacular new pair of shoes or a day at the spa, you are treating yourself nicely, feeling good about yourself and doing yourself a huge justice.

Get Rid of Your Inner Critic

You know that little voice that sits in your mind and says things like, “Why did they pick me?” and, “Seriously, what bad thing is going to measure out this good thing?” That voice has to go. When someone gives you a promotion or something great happens to you, it’s for a reason. And doubting that is not going to help you be nicer to you.


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