Being First is Beneficial in Life

Everyone wants to win. Being first is the best. However, not many people realize this applies to just about every aspect of life. While we all want to be first place in the office or on our team, we don’t think about how important it is to be first in other situations. The fact, most people tend to remember the first; the first person they met, the first person who applied for the job, the first person they kissed. Being first at things is a great way to leave a lasting impression, and to be the favored person. Here are a few situations in which being first are always a good idea.


You’ve always assumed that you never want to be first to a party or event, but think again. Whether it is a work event or your best friend’s birthday dinner, being first is good. It shows you have respect for time, and that you value their plans enough to be on time.

When You’re Interested in Someone

When you spot a guy at a bar that catches your eye, go talk to him; don’t wait. If you’re the first girl to approach him, you’re the standard to which every other girl has to live up to the rest of the night. Do it; don’t be afraid.

At Work

Don’t show up first every single day or your boss will just think that it’s a commuter issue (your kid has to be at school down the street at 7:30 so you’re always at work by 7:35 instead of 8 am). Do it when it’s important, such as when there is a big project due. Your boss will notice that you are the first to arrive, which makes it seem to him or her that you are the most interested in the project and the best person for the job.


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