Being A Good Guest in Someone Else’s Home

How many times have you invited someone to your home for a dinner party or event only to wish you hadn’t because that person is a horrible guest? Whether you are just visiting someone for a few hours, attending a gathering at someone’s house, or staying with friends and family for a while, you need to be a good guest. You don’t want them wishing you’d leave, or hating your stay, or never inviting you back.

Give a Gift

One of the best ways to be a good guest is to bring a gift for the host and/or hostess. You can bring a bottle of wine, a bouquet of flowers, or something thoughtful, such as a personalized gift basket. You don’t want to bring something cheap and obvious, but you also don’t want to bring something so extravagant that it makes your hosts feel uncomfortable. A nice bottle of wine is always a good choice.

Respect Time

If you are invited to a party and the invitation says that the party starts at 5 and lasts until 9, don’t arrive early and don’t stay late. They put those times on the invitation for a reason; and that reason is because they want to get ready and get their home back in order before they go to bed. Respect that.


Always, always, always offer to clean up after yourself. Always ask if someone needs help in the kitchen, setting up, or cleaning up. They might turn you down, but it doesn’t hurt to throw away trash and help regardless. If you are a houseguest, make sure you always clean up after yourself in the restroom, your bedroom, and in the kitchen. It is not your home and someone else is gracious enough to allow you to stay there, and you have to respect that.


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