Becoming Mature Does Not Happen Automatically with Age

Growing up and becoming mature do not go hand in hand, popular to contrary belief; becoming mature is something we do with our attitude and our morals, not our ages. In fact, I’m sure everyone reading this article knows someone who makes the average 4-year-old look downright mature and worldly (I could name a few myself). If you want to become a mature person, you have to work at it. Your birthday comes without effort each year, but your maturity level doesn’t.

Work on Your Self-Control

One of the biggest indicators of maturity is your ability to remain in control in any given situation. Self-control is something you learn to control and hone as you grow up and it often goes hand in hand with maturity. The more capable you are of containing your emotions, thinking before you speak and responding to upset with a calm demeanor, the more self-control you show.

Learn Tolerance

Unfortunately, not everyone is raised with good morals and values. This means that in your life you will encounter people you immediately cannot tolerate, situations you cannot tolerate. It’s important to remember that tolerance is a developed skill. It will help you learn to stop making snap judgments and to stop assuming you know why someone is the way they are. When you learn to become tolerant of people who simply did not have the privilege of being raised in a home where morals and values were of importance, you’re doing your part to set an example of why this is so important to those around you.

Always be Polite

The immature person is going to make a scene and cause a commotion when something does not go their way. The mature person is going to remain calm and polite, no matter how rude a concierge or a hostess may be. Polite always wins over immaturity.


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