Beat The Winter Blues With These Helpful Tips

The winter blues can make anybody feel down but you don’t have to stay that way.  You can find your joy again.  The winter blues can strike us anytime from when cool weather starts to when it stops.  It is a very mild form of Seasonal Affective Disorder and much more manageable.  The winter blues can be overcome.

One way to beat the winter blues is embrace that it is winter.  Think of all of the things that you do enjoy about the cold weather season.  It may only be that your favorite drink is being sold at Starbucks again but that’s okay.  Make a list and write down all the things you can think of that you do enjoy about the cooler months.

Plan some fun.  One good thing about the cooler months of the year is there is plenty going on.  One reason people sometimes get the winter blues is because they let the cooler weather make them less sociable.  Fight against that.  There are many opportunities to get together with friends over the winter months.  You have many different holidays that you can celebrate together.  Also, you don’t have all of the outdoor work to keep up with so you should have more time to spend together.  Plan a night out for dinner or get together and play cards.

Help others who are in need.  One sure way to feel better about your own life is to help those that are down on their luck.  With the holiday season fast approaching you can easily do this by volunteering at a soup kitchen or another outreach program.

For more helpful ways to beat the winter blues, you may enjoy this article on the subject by Spark People.  There is a lot of helpful information that can assist you in dealing with winter blues.


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