You Should Know How To Be Your Own Best Friend

Having friends in your life is important but what is more important is that you know how to be your own best friend when you need to be.  You will undoubtedly spend large chunks of time alone in your life and it is best to know how to enjoy that time and make the most of it.

The first step to being your own best friend is to like yourself and what you believe in and stand for.  So many of us are so hard on ourselves.  While we all mess up and make mistakes from time to time,  we also have a lot of good qualities that we don’t recognize.  When we do err, the important thing is to try to correct our mistakes and learn from them.  We need to focus on replacing all of the negative talk we give ourselves with positive self talk.  We look for the best in others, why shouldn’t we do the same thing with ourselves?  Be encouraging and compassionate with yourself.

If you want to be your own best friend then you need to learn to enjoy your time alone.  If you are discontent if you are not constantly with people then you have a lot of work to do on becoming your own best friend.  Time alone can be a gift.  It can also be lonely which is why it is important to balance it with time with friends and family.  But try to learn to treasure your time by yourself.  That is time that you can take care of chores and jobs you have been meaning to get to do or to focus on a hobby you don’t often have time for.

Appreciate yourself and all the good things about you and you are well on your way to being your own best friend.

Image Credit: Gather the Jews


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