Tricks And Tips To Help You Be Less Forgetful

Have you found that you have become forgetful?  Don’t worry, it happens to the best of us.  A number of factors can make us forgetful.  Aging can be part of it but there are many other factors that play into this.  Most likely, being busy is a large part of why you are forgetful.  Most of us have so much going on.  We are wives and mothers.  We may work outside the home.  We have a home to keep up with, as well as any social or extended family obligations.  So what can you do if you tend to forget things often?

You can become more organized.  A lot of times people are forgetful because they are disorganized in their day to day lives.  Having a daily to do list can help you to be less forgetful.  When you have a daily to do list, you can list any tasks you need to take care of each day so they don’t slip your mind.  Your daily to do list can help you to organize your household chores, remind you of any calls you need to make or errands you need to run.

Another way to help yourself be less forgetful is to ask your children to remind you of things.  Our children still have wonderfully fresh and uncluttered minds so they can usually be very helpful in helping you remember important things.

Emailing yourself reminders or taking the old fashioned route of writing yourself notes can be helpful in aiding you in remembering what you need to.

Another tip I have is that you keep a small notepad and pen by your bed.  I do this because it always seems I remember something important just as I am getting cozy in bed.  If you do this, you can write down whatever you are remembering on your notepad so you will have that visual reminder the next day.

Ezine has a wonderful article on being less forgetful.


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