15 Beauty Mistakes That Age You And You Should Stop Now


Beauty is not an exact science.  As the old saying goes, “Beauty is in the eye of the beholder”, meaning we all have our own unique tastes in what is attractive.  But there are some universal beauty mistakes that age you when you make them.  None of us want to look older than we really are.  Most women have a goal of looking as youthful as they can and want to make sure they take every step they can to look good for their age.  Of course, the best help for looking young is taking good care of your body and living a healthy lifestyle.  But there are a few other little tricks you can do or not do along the way to boost that even more.

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1. Not Washing Your Makeup Off Before Bed

Not washing your makeup off before bed is one of the beauty mistakes that age you.  Wearing your makeup overnight isn’t good for anyone.  When you wear your makeup all night long, you do not give your face a chance to breathe and rejuvenate itself.  This will make your face more prone to acne and wrinkling.  While everyone forgets to wash their makeup off before bed occasionally, over time this is one of the beauty mistakes that age you.  A good way to make sure you don’t fall into this trap is to wash your makeup off before you get so sleepy it is a temptation to not do so.

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2. Not Using Moisturizer

Moisturizer should be a must in every woman’s daily beauty routine.  It is important for the whole body but most important for the face.  The easiest way to understand why using moisturizer on a daily basis prevents beauty mistakes that age you is to think of it this way; dry skin equals wrinkled skin.  Dry skin is so much more prone to wrinkling so keeping your skin well moisturized will go a long way in helping you have youthful looking skin.  It doesn’t matter so much what moisturizer you use as long as it works well for your skin and you use it as part of your daily routine.

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3. Not Using Sunscreen

Sunscreen does more than just protect you from a sunburn.  It protects you from the sun damage that can occur when you spend time in the sun without sun protection on.  Sun exposure will age your skin and do it in a very quick manner.  It gives your skin a leathery appearance and adds wrinkles.   Not wearing sun protection is one of the beauty mistakes that age you, and probably one of the worst ones.  Sunscreen needs to be worn everyday, too, not just when you are at the beach or pool.  The most important place to wear daily sunscreen is on your face.  Some sunscreens come in combination with a moisturizer, which is helpful.

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4. Drawing On Dramatic Eyebrows

Sometimes eyebrows need to be filled in to look full and healthy.  But one of the common beauty mistakes that age you is to drawn on dramatic eyebrows.  You should never be able to tell if your eyebrows have been filled in.  They should just look natural and healthy.  In order to avoid this mistake, take care to choose an eyebrow pencil that matches your eyebrows.  It is also important to use a light hand and fill in your eyebrows with feathery strokes that are small rather than being heavy handed and drawing one continuous line.  If you are not sure if you are falling pretty to this one of the beauty mistakes that age you, ask a close friend that you know will be honest with you.

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5. Wearing Heavy Blush

Blush is meant to give you a healthy glow.  It is another makeup that people should not be able to look at you and know you are wearing.  The goal is that you want others to think you have a healthy, pretty glow instead of looking at you and thinking your makeup makes you look like you resemble a paint by number kit.  When you are ready to apply blush, put some on your brush and tap off the excess back into the blush container to avoid wearing too much.  When you wear too much, you look older than you are which means you are committing one of the beauty mistakes that age you.

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6. Wearing Lipstick That Is Too Bright

Lipstick is a fun cosmetic and one that you can get really colorful with and still maintain a youthful appearance.  But going too bright in your lipstick choices will make you look like an old lady.  What you really want to avoid are the fluorescent colors that older women tend toward.  Other than that, have fun with your lipstick choices.  When you are shopping for lipsticks take time to examine the color closely.  Hold it up against your face so that you get a proper feel for how it will look on you.  This will prevent you from making this one of the beauty mistakes that age you.

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7. Wearing Heavy Foundation

Foundation is a must for most women, unless you have a practically flawless complexion.  And foundation is a great tool to have in your makeup bag because it evens out your skin tone, covers blemishes and gives you a great canvass for the rest of your makeup.  But, it is important to choose a foundation that flatters you and not ages you.  Heavy foundations tend to cake in the lines you get by your eyes as you age or other wrinkles on your face which makes wearing heavy foundation one of the beauty mistakes that age you.  Aim for a foundation that is a lightweight formula that still gives great coverage.

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8. Bleeding lipstick

Bleeding lipstick will age you in a hurry and that is why having bleeding lipstick is one of the beauty mistakes that age you.  The good news is that you can contain that bleeding lipstick.  There are ways to fix it.  Start by choosing a formula of lipstick that is not overly moist, since very moist lipstick will be more likely to bleed.  Using lip liner is a great way to stop lipstick from bleeding.  It creates a barrier to hold your lipstick in place.  Lipstick primers are also a great tool to have if you are battling this problem.  Mary Kay has a great lipstick primer.  It is marketed as an antiaging product but applying it right before your lipstick stops the bleeding.

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9. Overtweezing Your Eyebrows

Youthful eyebrows are full eyebrows.  Of course you want to keep your eyebrows well groomed and prevent them from looking undone but overtweezing is one of the common beauty mistakes that age you.  When you overtweeze, your eyebrows look thin and your face will take on an older appearance which you do not want.  Try to only tweeze the strays or only the hairs that are definitely out of line.  Having your eyebrows professionally waxed is a good option because they have been trained to know how to help you achieve the right look.  If you have already went too thin, they will grow back if you give the chance.

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10. Wearing Heavy Earrings

Wearing heavy earrings in and of itself is not what makes this one of the beauty mistakes that age you.  It is the damage that wearing heavy earrings does to your ears that makes this one of the beauty mistakes that age you.  Wearing heavy earrings pulls down the hole in your ear that is there for earrings.  The hole can become stretched out and look more like a slit than a dot, which is unattractive and aging.  When you wear heavy earrings often enough, your whole ear lobe can even stretch out.  The best way to prevent this is to save the heavy earrings for special occasions only and stick with smaller earrings the rest of the time.

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11. Wearing Outdated Hair Accessories

Okay, ladies, let’s just go there.  While hair accessories are a great thing to use for your hair, it is important to make sure that they are not outdated.  You know what I am talking about; banana clips, scrunchies, and bows when you are past sixteen.  If you are going to wear hair accessories, make sure that they are currently fashionable and also appropriate for your age group.  When you put a banana clip or scrunchie in you are committing one of the beauty mistakes that age you.  The best way to prevent this is clean out your hair accessories and only keep the ones you are certain are not outdated.

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12. Heat Styling Too Often

We can achieve some really great looks by heat styling.  But heat styling can have some very damaging effects on our hair over time which makes this one of the beauty mistakes that age you.  Heat styling includes any kind of hair tool that uses heat such as blow dryers, curling irons, hot rollers, flat irons and others.  When you heat style too often, your hair looks dry and dull.  It looses the youthful, natural shine it should have.   The reason that this is one of the beauty mistakes that age you is that dull hair looks like old hair.  To recapture your shine, give your hair a vacation from heat styling every once in a while.

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13. Wearing A Hairstyle That Doesn’t Suit You

We all have hairstyles that we love.  We might be drawn to a short, sassy do or maybe we have wanted to wear long hair so badly that we do it even though we know that it isn’t the best look for us.  This is one of the beauty mistakes that age you.  There is nothing worse than seeing a woman wearing a hair style that does not flatter her and she is oblivious to the fact.  Take a good, hard look in the mirror and examine your hair style.  Are you making one of the beauty mistakes that age you?  If you feel you would look younger if your hair were different, you probably are.  Talk to your hair stylist soon about options you can take to fix the situation.

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14. Overprocessing Hair

It is wonderful that we have so many options we can use to change our hair.  We can have it colored or highlighted, have a perm or a long term straightening done.  The bad news is that all of these processes are hard on your hair.  It is important not to overprocess your hair.  Overprocessing your hair is one of the beauty mistakes that age you.  When you do have a process done to your hair, be careful not to go to the shop again until you really need to do so.  You can also do things like keeping your hair well conditioned to prevent more damage from occuring when you do visit the salon.

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15. Not Keeping Teeth In Good Shape

Teeth say a lot about us.  They can reveal important clues about our health and our age.  It is important to take good care of your teeth.  Not caring for your teeth properly is one of the beauty mistakes that age you.  This means being vigilant with daily hygiene and visiting your dentist regularly.  Considering whitening your teeth is a good choice too.  Having yellowed teeth is one of the beauty mistakes that age you.  You can have your teeth professionally whitened or you can pick up a kit at your local drugstore and do it at home.  Crest Whitestrips does great and is recommended by most dentists.

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