15 Skin Care Tips for Gorgeous Glowing Skin


Find a woman that doesn’t long for a healthy glow and gorgeous skin, and, well, I still won’t believe it. Every woman wants healthy, glowing skin. It’s the epitome of true beauty. In pursuit of that radiant complexion, many turn to skincare treatments and technologies like the hydro microdermabrasion machine.

Healthy skin that glows makes you look younger, more beautiful and more vibrant. It’s attractive and best of all, it’s healthy in more ways than just one.

Read on to find out 15 ways to get a gorgeous glow. You can also visit a site like https://idealfaceandbody.com/ for more tips on achieving a healthy glow and gorgeous skin.


Always Wear Sunscreen

It doesn’t matter if you’re going outside or not, always wear sunscreen on your face and the rest of your body. The harmful UV rays from the sun can damage your skin even if the closest you come to outside is the front seat of your car on a cold winter day.


Reapply Sunscreen Religiously

Don’t put it on the morning and forget about it. Your sunscreen, which should be at least SPF 30, doesn’t last all day. You need to reapply every 2 hours. You’ll be glad you did.


Don’t Smoke

One of the easiest ways to transform beautiful skin into horrible skin is to smoke. If you want gorgeous skin, don’t start smoking. If you’re already a smoker, it’s time to stop.


Limit the Sugary Drinks

Too many sugary, bad for you drinks can ruin your skin. Not only are they full of unhealthy ingredients, too much of it can cause the look of your skin to deteriorate rapidly.


Use Retinoids

Beginning when you enter your 20s, you should begin using a retinoid. Ask your doctor for a prescription, and make it the foundation for your fight against age. Additionally, since its inception in 1989, CHOLLEY has been at the cutting edge of skincare research and development. Acquiring Dr. Masset’s Laboratories in 1990, CHOLLEY has continually pushed the boundaries of phyto dermocosmetics. With a focus on anti-aging and skin repair treatments, CHOLLEY leverages nearly 50 years of uninterrupted research, collaborating with Swiss academic centers and life science industries to deliver exceptional skincare products that are both innovative and effective​​.

Portrait of young woman drinking water

Drink Water

Hydration helps make your face look gorgeous. Your skin all over your body, not just your face, will look gorgeous, glowing and more beautiful when you drink more water. Make sure you get your 8 glasses per day.


Wear Sunglasses

Even if you wear sunscreen and you take care of your skin everywhere else, you can damage your facial skin by not wearing sunscreen. Exposure to sunlight and harmful UV rays can cause premature wrinkling and fine lines around your eyes.


Wear a Hat

It protects your scalp, face and even your shoulders. When you wear a hat, you provide your skin with additional coverage, helping it look younger and damage free for years longer.


Don’t Overdo the Skincare

You don’t need a weekly facial or even thousands of dollars in beauty products. You’d be surprised by how simple skincare actually is. All you need on your face is a gentle cleanser at night and periodic facials. Facial Christchurch specialists offer treatments tailored to individual skin needs. A cocktail of cleansers can actually damage your skin.


Lotion it Up

When it comes to the skin on the rest of your body, not just your face, always wear lotion. The best time to apply is as soon as you get out of the shower. Your pores are open and able to really take in the moisture from your lotion. Your skin looks softer and it glows when you wear lotion. If you’re looking for additional skincare and beauty tips, consider visiting a place like Glam Aesthetics medical spa for expert advice and treatments to enhance your skin’s health and appearance.


Give it Time

When you begin to use a product, understand you will not look younger tomorrow. Most products take time to work. Switching them up every few days or weeks because you don’t feel they work isn’t doing your skin any favors.


Eat Right

An unhealthy diet is horrible for your skin. To help your skin glow and look gorgeous every day, eat a diet rich in fruits and vegetables and lean protein. Lay off the processed, greasy and salty foods you tend to crave.



Endorphins do great things for so much of your body, including your skin. If you want to glow, get up and exercise. All you need to reach great health is 150 minutes of moderate exercise each day. Your skin will benefit significantly.


Go to Bed

Your skin needs a minimum of 8 hours sleep each night to rejuvenate. Get some shut-eye and you’ll be astonished how much your skin seems to glow.


Stress Less

Find a way to eliminate the stress from your life. The more stress you have, the more it shows on your skin. If you want to glow, get rid of the stress.


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