15 Dangerous Ingredients In Skincare

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We trust our skin care to be safe.  We hardly give it a second thought, never dreaming that there could be dangerous ingredients in our skincare that could cause us harm now or even years down the road.  The truth is, we need to be proactive it making sure that what we are using for skincare is safe for our skin.  We can be on the lookout for these dangerous ingredients and make sure we avoid products that contain them.   So without further interruption, here are 15 dangerous ingredients in skincare. DI 1

Dangerous Ingredient #1: Fragrances

Fragrances seem harmless enough in our skincare products.  After all, they make our skincare products smell good and even smell clean.  They can make them seem more hygienic.  But the truth is that fragrances are made up of chemicals which may not be good for your skin. DI 2

Dangerous Ingredient #2: Sulfates

Sulfates are what makes our skincare products have that such as our cleansers such wonderful lather.  We think it means that it is a quality of great skin care but it really isn’t.  Sulfates have been known to be a risk factor in creating eye irritation or a skin rash.  You may be using a skincare product in hopes of it helping your skin when it is actually doing the opposite. DI 3

Dangerous Ingredient #3: PEG

PEG stands for Polyethylene Glycol which is a substance that is derived from vegetable glycerin which is a substance that is from natural sources.  But when it is mixed with other substances, this dangerous ingredient is the result.  This ingredient can cause heart and liver damage.  Like the other ingredients that can cause danger, it is absorbed through your skin.

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Dangerous Ingredient #4: Ureas

Ureas are a chemical, or group of chemicals with different names that belong to the Urea family that are preservatives.  While they make your skincare products have a longer shelf life, they may be putting you in danger.  They can cause an allergic skin reaction or cause facial dryness. DI 5

Dangerous Ingredient #5: Antibacterial Agents

Antibacterial agents seem to be a good thing.  But the truth is that sometimes they aren’t.  Some antibacterial agents such as triclosan are bad on two fronts.  Triclosan has been shown to contribute to raising the cancer risk in humans as well as developing antibacterial resistance. DI 6

Dangerous Ingredient #6: Artificial Coloring

Does your skincare cleanser have a pretty pink shade or perhaps a bright orange one?  That is most likely because it contains artificial coloring which can be a danger to your skin and health.  Many artificial colorings are made from the base product of coal tar.  They have also been shown to raise your risk for contracting cancer as well as causing skin irritation. DI 7

Dangerous Ingredient #7: Parabens

Parabens are another family of chemicals that achieve the effect of preserving skincare products but are actually dangerous for you to use.  They have been proven to mess with the hormone cycle of both women and men as well as being a carcinogen, too. DI 8

Dangerous Ingredient #8: Benzoyl Peroxide

This is a name that is fairly common to most of us and we know that it is in many acne products.  However, that does not mean that it is safe for your skin.  Benzoyl Peroxide can cause problems with the endocrine system of your body and even cause birth defects if you use this product while you are pregnant. DI 9

Dangerous Ingredient #9: Oxybenzone

If you use a moisturizer as part of your skincare routine, it may have a sunscreen component which puts you at risk of using this ingredient.  You need to be aware that it can have dangerous ingredients in it such as this one that can damage your endocrine system or even your DNA. young woman washing her face in a basin and looking herself at the mirror

Dangerous Ingredient #10: Phthalates

Phthalates are an ingredient that can cause damage to your body in multiple ways.  It can cause damage to your liver and kidneys and possibly birth defects to your child if you are pregnant.  In men, this product has been known to cause a lower sperm count. DI 11

Dangerous Ingredient #11: Formaldehyde

Formaldehyde is a product that may be in your skincare.  We typically think of it as being limited to the high school biology lab but that is not the fact.  This chemical is meant to help your skincare have a longer time before expiration but can also cause you a health risk.  Formaldehyde can cause skin irritation as well as being a carcinogen. DI 12

Dangerous Ingredient #12: Isopropyl Alcohol

This is an ingredient that is widely used in skincare products and one that we feel is very safe to use. But the truth is that even this alcohol that we feel is a regular staple of our medicine cabinets and an ingredient in our skincare can be dangerous.  It can cause dizziness as well as headaches in some users. DI 13

Dangerous Ingredient #13: Petroleum Products

This is another skincare product that most of us feel very safe in using.  After all, we have had petroleum products on our skin since we were babies.  But the truth is that this is not a healthy skin product.  While it isn’t the worst offender, it can cause clogged pores and acne to develop as a result. DI 14

Dangerous Ingredient #14: Ammonia Products

Ammonia products refer to products such as MEA and DEA, for examples.  Ammonia is widely used in skincare products because it will make the skincare product have a foaming consistency.  But it can also cause skin irritation as well as eye irritation in those that use products with this harmful ingredient. DI 15

Dangerous Ingredient #15 Lead

Lead is a more popular ingredient in your skincare products than you might imagine.  Even though we all know that lead can be dangerous, it is still an added ingredient.  Lead can be responsible for lead poisoning if the quantity of the ingredient is high enough.  Although it is no longer a common substance in paints, it might be lurking is your skincare.


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