Is it in Bad Taste to Have Another Baby Shower?

When you become pregnant for the first time, it’s a given that someone is going to throw you a spectacular baby shower. Perhaps it will be the women with whom you’ve been best friends since childhood or your mother or your coworkers. Whoever it is will throw you the kind of baby shower you’ve always dreamt of having. However, what happens when you get pregnant for a second time? There are those who view a secondary shower as a horrible breech of good etiquette. As a mother – and lover of good etiquette – I find this a bit over the top.

Your Honor

Let’s get straight to the point as it pertains to baby showers; if someone you love wants to host a shower in your honor, it’s not bad etiquette. If your loved ones want to shower you with gifts and love and affection, the only rude or tacky part of that is telling them you don’t appreciate their efforts. When someone does something for you out of kindness, why not let them? After all, many people have second and third and fourth weddings and no one has an issue with that. Why not shower a baby whom everyone is certain to love?

Different Genders

When you have a baby of a different gender the second time around, it only makes sense to have a shower. Your new little girl isn’t going to look so cute in boy shorts and onesies that read, “I’m daddy’s little man,” is she? Absolutely not; just remember to let someone else throw the shower for you.


Baby showers are different for everyone. Some people consider it perfectly acceptable to host what’s known as a baby sprinkle for secondary showers. This is a kind of shower that doesn’t include large gifts but rather the small things all new parents need for a new baby. After all, your new baby might already have big sister’s car seat and crib and stroller and swing, but she’s still going to need diapers and wipes and items of her own.

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