Bad Eating Habits to Take Control of Now

Bad eating habits cause weight gain, kill your health, and make you feel awful. For that reason, many of us employ good eating habits. Nothing is worse than feeling like you’re dragging because you didn’t eat very well one day. However, even the best of us have some bad eating habits that we cannot shake. No matter how well we eat, and how many bad eating habits we think we’ve kicked, some of us still suffer from some gross eating habits that are wrecking our diets.


Ever left a party and thought, “I avoided the cake and the chocolate fountain, and I am proud!”? Good for you, but what about those three plates of chips, the oreo balls, and the soda you drank? Even when you think you do good, mindless snacking can sneak up on you. Bad eating habits include not realizing exactly what you put in your mouth and when you put it in your mouth.

Fat Thoughts

It’s a huge misconception that buying and eating only foods that say low fat or no fat on them is a good idea. Your thoughts on fat are a bad eating habit that many women share. Many of the foods that claim they are low in fat might be exactly what they say, but they might also have more calories or more unhealthy additives.

Not Eating Enough

If ever you have patted yourself on the back or felt super thin because you did not each much that day, shame on you. Your body requires nutrition to function. You wouldn’t put $5 in gas in your car and expect it to drive you across the country without adding anymore gas, would you? No, because your car will stop working if you do not provide the fuel it needs. Your body is the same way. Stop this bad eating habit now.


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