Bad Days Happen: Get Over Them With These Tips

So your husband backed your brand new BMW into a tree or he accidentally locked the keys in the trunk and you’re having a bad day (in the car are his wallet, your handbag, both cell phones, your 2-year-old’s aero-chamber, your house key and your spare keys…and on a Sunday night, not at home and the Monday following is a national holiday so the service department at the nearest BMW dealership is closed. Oh, and did I mention that not one locksmith within 100 miles would even touch it for fear of sending it into lockdown mode – as if though it wasn’t already in lockdown mode? And you don’t even want to know what it costs for a replacement key…)

We all have bad days. Some of us sometimes have worse days than others. Sometimes our bad days aren’t so bad in comparison to the bad days of others. And sometimes, our bad days make us want to run away from home. If you’re having a bad day – as I sometimes do – try one of these to make you feel better.


Just cry. Really. Sometimes when your day is nothing short of completely sucky, just cry. I do it sometimes. I’ll admit; it makes me feel better. There’s nothing quite like a good cry to make you feel like things aren’t as bad as they seem. My personal preference is to lock myself in the bathroom, sit on the floor and just let it out while my kids and husband wonder why mommy is a little crazy.

Do Something For You

Light some candles, download a great new book, grab a bottle of wine, lock the door and fill the Jacuzzi tub with hot water and bubbles. Remove your clothing, submerge yourself into said water, drink wine, read book. There; you just did something for you. Forget the rest of the world for a little while. Sometimes all you need is a departure from reality when the day doesn’t go your way.

Be Kind

When your day is not going as well as it could, think about how those who are less fortunate feel on a daily basis. Then do something nice for them. Clean out your closet and donate your old clothes to a family in need. Volunteer somewhere. Just do something kind for someone else; making their day will help make yours a little better.


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