Avoiding Criticism: Tips To Help You Avoid It

Nobody loves criticism. We don’t wake in the morning and think, “Oh my goodness! I hope today is awesome! I hope someone criticizes me!” However, we do get criticized and we do criticize. We are criticized for the way we dress, the way in which we handle ourselves, our vocabulary, what we order to drink with dinner, how we parent our children and how we breathe. If you want criticism to stop, follow these three simple rules.

Do Nothing

Avoiding criticism is very easy if you simply do nothing. Don’t breathe, don’t exist. Don’t talk, don’t work, don’t not work, don’t make decisions, don’t have kids. The less you do, the less there is to criticize. Guess what? You’re going to be criticized for doing nothing (think of all the time we spend criticizing those who keep popping out babies, living off the government and our taxes and not making any effort whatsoever to take care of themselves). Since doing nothing is impossible, why not do what you feel is right. You’ll be criticized by some, applauded by many; you’ll never make everyone happy. It’ll help to remember that.

Say Nothing

Have no opinion and no voice if you want to avoid criticism. Really, it’s the best there is. Stay silent. Do not contribute. Sounds fun, huh? Not. Again, sometimes saying nothing at all is going to get you criticized, so you might as well speak up and be criticized for speaking up for what you believe than for staying silent.

Be Nothing

Don’t work. Don’t excel. Don’t make attempts. Don’t try. Don’t try to advance your career or your life or your education and you’ll avoid criticism. Oh wait, no you want. Then you’ll be criticized for being lazy and unmotivated. You might as well make the most of your life.


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