What to Avoid After the Wedding


Wedding season is here, and many people are focused on wedding planning, honeymoon planning and creating registries. However, what’s a wedding without a marriage (I believe the correct answer is divorce, but that’s not what we’re going for here)? The wedding is only the beginning. The marriage is the middle and end, and that’s why all married couples should be sure and avoid making these marital habits a habit in their own marriages.

Replacing Communication With Social Media

You cannot conduct an argument or debate via text message or on Facebook (for so many reasons aside from the fact that no one wants to see your inappropriate behavior on their wall). It’s a horrible habit to get into using social media or the phone to communicate instead of actual face to face communication. Make it a habit to save your serious conversations and arguments for personal time. Your marriage will be stronger this way.


If you’re genuinely sorry and feel that an apology is the appropriate step, then by all means apologize. However, if you’re arguing about something and one of you gets into the habit of apologizing instead of compromising, that person is going to grow more and more resentful over time. Don’t apologize for wanting something different; compromise with your spouse to keep your marriage strong.

No Time for Fun

Yes, it is exceptionally difficult to make time for fun when you have kids, jobs, a house and everything else that goes with all that. Those things start to add up and take so much of your time that you might forget you need to have fun with one another. Periodic breaks from the kids are necessary. Fun is a must. It’s going to save your marriage and keep you stronger and closer together. Make time for fun – always.

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