Are Your Parents Ruining Your Marriage?

Maybe you consider your in-laws the bane of your existence and the reason behind all your domestic disagreements, but have you ever considered the effect your own parents have on your relationship? Your husband is (and it’s not fair) blissfully ignorant when it comes to noticing things that irritate women – think backhanded compliments and constant one upmanship. However, he may not be immune forever to the small annoyances that your mother and father bring to the table. Before your domestic bliss turns into a domestic disturbance, check to make sure your parents are ruining your marriage.

They’re Too Involved

There’s nothing wrong with having parents that dote on you, but when they’re the ones who put the down payment on your house, bought your new car and paid your child’s college tuition in full (and you aren’t even pregnant yet) then things can get a bit sticky. No man wants to be a secondary breadwinner to his in-laws. It makes him feel like less of a man and no man wants to feel indebted to his in-laws.

They Criticize Your Life Choices

Your mom doesn’t have to understand why your husband insists on driving a luxury convertible when she thinks he should have an SUV and she certainly doesn’t have to understand why you would even consider spending $695 on a pair of Jimmy Choo stilettos, but that’s what makes the world an interesting place to live. However, if she takes it upon herself to criticize your spending habits (good as they may be) your decorating style, your parenting abilities and, well, everything else in your life, it’s time to tell her to stop. Your family doesn’t need constant criticism from anyone, especially your parents.

They Ignore Your Wishes

You’re not a fan of your kids going swimming with anyone other than you and your husband, and there is nothing wrong with that. They’re your kids and they live by your rules. However, your parents just don’t seem to care about that. They think your water-obsessed toddler should have a glass of milk from time to time and try to force her. They think your preschooler needs to have ham for diner despite the fact she hates it, and they don’t listen to anything you tell them when it comes to rules for your kids. It’ s big no-no for your family – especially your marriage – when your parents don’t respect your rules when it comes to parenting your own children.


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