Are You a People Person?

I like to tell my husband that I am not a people person, and I think I’m right. I’d like to be a people person, but I’m too good at showing what I’m thinking on my face, and usually what I’m thinking is not very nice. I like people (some of them, anyway) and I try to be a people person, but it’s hard to be a people person when they are turned off by my first impression. I hear time and time again how people didn’t like me the first time they met me. They thought I was a snob because of my clothes and accessories. They thought I was a you know what because I had big sunglasses. They have a lot of thoughts about me that are wrong once they get to know me, but it makes it hard for me to be a people person at first. If you think you might not be a people person, here are a few signs you might be right.

Your Mind Wanders

Do you stand there while talking to others and find yourself thinking about anything but what they are saying. They’re talking to you and you’re thinking about what you’re going to pack for vacation…six months from now? This is a definite sign you need to work on your people skills. Try listening and being engaging. People can tell if you’re listening to them, and it’s a turn off when you are not.

You Make Faces

It’s usually unintentional, but you might wear your emotions on your face. If you are listening to someone you know talk about how they have to get the oil changed on their brand new luxury vehicle and how their new iPhone is arriving any day and then they make a comment about needing to get to the WIC office for their food stamps, you are probably making a disgusted face (I know I do). Try remaining impassive. Practice a look that is unreadable; or just avoid people who have priorities like this.

You Interrupt

If you are not a people person, you might find that you constantly interrupt what other people have to say to excuse yourself from the conversation. Try limiting the people you are talking to so that you’re only around people who interest you. This will help your people skills.


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